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Much Love is always the name of the game when it comes to this community and we hope that you're continually showing love to those around you!

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We are so blessed to have a Community of Dreamers who want to bring their Ideas into Fruition while seeing everything this World truly has to offer!


SLC is more than just clothing. Living strange is truly a lifestyle in itself. Take the time to imagine, meet others, and experience everything the world has to offer. When you choose to go against the basic ways of living, that is when you truly live.

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From doodling to daydreaming I have done it all and realized there must be a different way to live  the life I was given. I am very blessed by all those I have had the pleasure of meeting and enlightened by the places I have traveled to. Every single day presents the promise of a new adventure, and I truly want everyone to see this. Strange Living is so much more than clothing, and I hope you decide to live boldly while you travel this intriguing world. Can't wait to cross paths with you one day along your journey!

 -Nicholas Gates

Photo : Morgan Downs

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